BBNaija season 7 Some parents encourage their kids to watch Islamic organization responds to Khalid’s liaison with Daniella

Some parents encourage their children to watch” Islamic group reacts to Khalid’s sexual affair with Daniella

The director of the Islamic organization Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Prof. Ishaq Akintola, has now spoken on the continued sexual relationship between Khalid and Daniella, two Big Brother Naija housemates.

The Level Up housemates, Daniella and Khalid, are recalled by Olofofo360 as having made news earlier in the week after having sex on Monday night while the other housemates were already asleep and drawing conflicting responses on social media.

“This is definitely not right,” one Warri girl remarked. Let’s be honest with ourselves. How long have you two been friends? What if your parents didn’t exist? What would they say? Abeg, this is really aggravating. I’m not a saint, but this is not acceptable!

And their family would be witnessing them in this way? asked one Ngozi. What a shame! You people can’t wait even three months!

I hope she doesn’t become pregnant, wrote Elizabeth. I’m not a saint, but I find it puzzling that after all the work and lobbying people went through to enter the Big Brother house, they arrived just to immediately begin an intimate relationship. On that note, These are complete strangers that you most likely know very little or nothing about! What if they have a foul spirit or any STDs? There is always risk! I can’t help but wonder.

Daniella with the innocent appearance and pleasant girl vibes? wrote One Brown Sugar. Go demonstrate the prickly rider in less than a month? These women would never grow up! A man would emerge from that performance and gracefully continue! But it would never be the same.

The MURIC director responded by stating in an interview with Vanguard that he cannot issue any Shari’a rulings regarding Khalid since “whatever someone does in BBNaija is haram.”

I have no comments regarding Khalid, he remarked. The entire BBNaija is haram, including all that people do there. Therefore, it has nothing to do with alcohol or anything else. The system, some of our people in the media, and journalists continue to support BBNaija because there is money there. I was a member of a group that went to court to stop BBNaija.

Nigeria worships money, and by allowing its youth to watch this program—as well as those irresponsible parents who are also doing so—we are ruining our country’s youth.

Akintola continued, saying it is regrettable that some of our leaders and citizens do not pay attention when situations influence the morality of the country and the youths. MURIC has urged the federal government to outlaw BBNaija.

Pere Egbi, a former Big Brother Naija reality star, responded to the criticism of Daniella and Kahlid on Monday with a tweet.

He thought the two should be left alone.

Stop attacking Daniella and Khalid, Nigerians! Self-righteousness! Simply said, quit. Let them be. You’re not superior to them, he wrote.

Since the start of the season, Daniella and Khalid have slept together thrice.

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