Wole Soyinka responds to the viral Pyrates video making fun of Tinubu

Wole Soyinka responds to the viral Pyrates video making fun of Tinubu

Professor Wole Soyinka, a Nobel laureate, denounced a social media video that went viral on Monday and showed Pyrates Confraternity members making fun of Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, while he was in a parade.

Soyinka expressed his disgust at the song’s lyrics in a statement.

The Pyrates performed a song in the video about a presidential candidate whose “hands and feet are shaking, yet he is saying ‘it is my turn’.”

The Pyrates Confraternity founder Soyinka claimed he was not “connected with the views portrayed in the songs.”

Soyinka stated, “It is imperative that I say in plain, unambiguous terms that I am not involved in that public performance or in any way affiliated with the emotions. After all, the whole world knows of my affiliation with that fraternity.

The Nobel laureate asserted that, like any other person or organization, the Pyrates Confraternity is entitled to the freedom of expression.

While expressing his opinion, Soyinka said that he does not “interfere with, nor do I attempt to dictate the partisan political choices of the Confraternity.”

“I carefully considered the chant’s lyrics, and I am very horrified. It offends me, I think. I come from a society that does not make fun of physical ailments or impairments. The exact opposite, in fact,” Soyinka stated.

“I continue to be unaware that the group has ever issued a joint endorsement or denunciation of a candidate. This is undoubtedly a novel and unusual discovery that could have unexpected effects.

After looking into the “odd, atypical excursion of the association,” Soyinka stated he will make another comment regarding the development.

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