Yul Edochie causion Nigerians mocking Tinubu’s health challenge says you may not be lucky to see old age

Yul Edochie causion Nigerians mocking Tinubu's health challenge says you may not be lucky to see old age

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a candidate for the APC presidency in 2023, has received support from Nollywood star Yul Edochie.

Since declaring his intention to run for office, the politician has been the target of jokes and internet memes about his poor health. Many Nigerians have ridiculed him and cited his poor health as justifications not to elect him president.

He cautioned those making fun of him by pointing out that sickness may strike anyone, regardless of age.

He said that while it was fine for you to choose another candidate, it was inappropriate to make fun of his age or physical condition.

Yul Edochie made the argument that not everyone will live to old age.

“Getting old is a blessing. Additionally, illness can strike anyone at any age. It’s inappropriate to make fun of Tinubu’s condition or age. Even if he isn’t your candida, it is never acceptable to make fun of someone because of their age or physical condition. Perhaps you won’t live to see old age.

This comes only a few weeks after comedian Okey Bakassi made fun of Tinubu for supporting Peter Obi.

Okey Bakassi, a fervent supporter of Peter Obi’s presidential bid, explained why he is cheering for him.

According to Peter Obi, he doesn’t want Atiku or Tinubu to lose despite his love for Peter Obi.

He claims that in order for Nigeria to flourish, Peter Obi’s backing is necessary.

Okey continued by saying that if Peter Obi had healed Nigeria, Buhari, Tinubu, and Atiku wouldn’t need to relocate to Dubai and wouldn’t need to travel to London for medical care.

“I don’t want Tinubu and Atiku to lose. I merely want Nigeria to prosper. I’ll back and vote for @PeterObi to fix Nigeria so that Atiku won’t reside in Dubai and Buhari & Tinubu won’t need to travel to London for medical care in their very old age.

Olofofo360 recalls news Yul Edochie had persisted in upsetting his supporters and Nigerians with his remarks and declarations.

The actor faced criticism after claiming to be the most talked-about man in Nigeria on his Instagram page.

Yul boasted that he and Peter Obi are the two men in Nigeria who get the most attention when he posted a side-by-side photo of them.

Currently, the two men in Nigeria who are most talked about.

Many of his admirers expressed their dissatisfaction with him in the comment section due to his frequent word choice and desire for fame.

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